June 2015

Selling? Curb Appeal Matters!

Posted on Jun 22, 2015

1st impressions are everything, especially when it comes to buying a house!  You've undoubtedly been working hard indoors, staging and cleaning and fixing up odds and ends. Have you put as much time and energy into the exterior of your home?
Take a moment to look at your house from the perspective of someone who has never seen it before. Step out ont...

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Advice for Buyers: What to Expect During Home Tours

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

Here are some things to expect and keep in mind when beginning the hunt for a new home with your REALTOR:

  • Your REALTOR is most likely updating you via emails the homes that match your search criteria-make note of the MLS numbers of the ones you are interested in and forward them to him or her.
  • Depending on the type and location of the...

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Keep Your House Cool and Your Hydro Bills Down

Posted on Jun 08, 2015

The warm weather is upon us. We are gearing up for what appears to be a nice long summer! With these gorgeous summer days, however, also come hot nights and sometimes uncomfortable afternoons. Here are some tips to help you stay cool without racking up your Hydro bill:

1. Grill your dinner.
2. Keep your blinds and curtains closed.
3. Keep the doors cl...

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