Advice for Buyers: What to Expect During Home Tours

Here are some things to expect and keep in mind when beginning the hunt for a new home with your REALTOR:

  • Your REALTOR is most likely updating you via emails the homes that match your search criteria-make note of the MLS numbers of the ones you are interested in and forward them to him or her.
  • Depending on the type and location of the property being viewed, appointments are generally booked 30-60 minutes apart.
  • While each agent is different, I prefer not to overwhelm my clients with too many showings at once.
  • Showings are generally scheduled to accommodate the buyer's schedule.  Evening and weekend appointments are common.
  • Most often showings are scheduled on fairly short notice. Some sellers may have extenuating circumstances but a smart seller will be flexible on appointment times.
  • If the property in rented out, there is a 24 hour window the seller needs to give the tenant to show it, this may affect how quickly you are able to view a tenanted home.

  • If multiple properties are scheduled to be viewed, your realtor will most likely be doing the driving. Being familiar with the area and having a chance to chat about each before and after is a benefit.
  • In most cases the sellers will not be home.
  • It is polite and customary to remove your shoes before touring the house.
  • If the property is newly listed and/or in-demand, there may be multiple appointments scheduled. Don't feel rushed by others, take the time you need.
  • Use all your senses to get a real feel for the house. What do you smell? How does the house make you feel? Squeaky floors?
  • Take notes!

  • First impressions are important! Look over your notes and compare the properties viewed. Did they meet your criteria and expectations?
  • Ask questions and do your due diligence.
  • Let your realtor know if you are interested in a second showing or making an offer, things can move quickly in the real estate world!