Keep Your House Cool and Your Hydro Bills Down

The warm weather is upon us. We are gearing up for what appears to be a nice long summer! With these gorgeous summer days, however, also come hot nights and sometimes uncomfortable afternoons. Here are some tips to help you stay cool without racking up your Hydro bill:

1. Grill your dinner.
2. Keep your blinds and curtains closed.
3. Keep the doors closed in the house to unused rooms.
4. Sip a cool drink and wear less clothing.
5. Use cooler bedding.
6. Use a ceiling fan, in a counter-clockwise direction.
7. Open some windows before bed.
8. Swap out your incandescent light.
9. Air dry your laundry to prevent unnecessary heat from the dryer.

For the full Huffington Post article and some more in depth explanation of each of the above reccommendations, please visit the link below.