Buying Tips from A-Z

ssess your preferred neighbourhood - make frequent visits to the area

Be mindful of your budget

Check your credit score/history

Don’t forget about closing costs

Enlist the help/services of a licensed Real Estate Agent

Follow your head not your heart - don’t let your emotions overtake common sense

Get in first

Have the home inspected - in a hotter, more competitive market you may want to consider a pre-offer inspection

Insurance is important! Once your offer is accepted, start shopping around for house insurance

Just do it! When you have found what you are looking for, make an offer!

Know your personal deal breakers

Location, location, location!

Move quickly when you’re confident you’ve found what you are looking for

Never feel pressured or pushed into a buying situation

Once you’ve found your home and the deal is closed, stop looking

Patience pays off

Qualify for your mortgage first

Research! Ask questions and do your homework

Stress test your mortgage - plan for the unexpected

Time the market if at all possible

Understand your needs vs. your wants

Value in terms of future resale is important to keep in mind

What you see isn’t always what you get - do your due diligence!

eXpectations and reality don’t always coincide

Your instincts should be trusted

Zero in on your preferred location