June Weekend Home Projects

June is literally just around the corner! This next month signifies the start of the summer season. We have been having some excellent spring weather in Greater Vancouver and now is the perfect time to get busy with seasonal home improvement projects!


With water restrictions already in place, keeping the lawn green and healthy will be a challenge this year. These general guidelines should help you both adhere to the restrictions, and keep your lawn healthy and happy:

Water Early: On your designated watering days, water early in the morning. The temperature is cooler and less water is likely to evaporate.

Water Enough but Don’t Overwater: As a general rule, lawns need approximately one inch of water per week.

Water Evenly and Slowly: Check that your sprinkler system is reaching all parts of the lawn. Once the water is on, only water as much as the lawn can absorb at one time. It is more effective to supply a reasonable amount water every few days than to give small amounts more often or a huge soak once a week.


This is a good time to go through the house (in and out) and make sure your home is safe and free of hazards.

-Remove clutter and debris from walkways
-Ensure adequate and functional outdoor lighting
-Repair and clean outdoor walkways
-Test smoke detectors and CO2 detectors
-Check fire extinguishers or install if none present
-Ensure chemicals and cleaning agents are properly stored


Now that the weather is drier and more consistent, it is a good time to do any outdoor painting. From garage doors, sheds or the entire house, now is the time!


Summer is a natural time to organize, purge and cleanup the garage. Sporting equipment, outdoor gear and seasonal items will be utilized over the next few months so ensure they organized, at hand and in good repair.


Late spring and early summer is prime time for pests to come out of the woodwork, literally! There are some natural, non-chemical treatment options for you to do yourself at home:

Easy Natural Pest Control