Tips for Moving with Kids

1. Let the children know what to expect and take their questions and concerns seriously: Perhaps read some books about moving and explain to process in general terms.
2. Let the kids help you pack and give them simple jobs to do to help out.
3. Don't rush yourself:  Plan to pack slowly. If possible give yourself lots of time to complete the move.
4. Ask for help: Whether it be someone to watch the kids while you pack, or someone to help you pack while the kids are asleep.
5. Time your move if possible: If you are fortunate enough to be able to arrange this, try to time the move during a relatively calm time. Take into consideration big changes in the children's lives as well as school schedules, etc.
6. Don't stop buying groceries and household items altogether: Although it doesn't make sense to stock up on a large Costco run ahead of a move, one gets tired of the same meals and freezer food night after night. Buy fresh food and keep meals interesting and healthy-just buy smaller quantities.
7. De-clutter and pack the toys while the kids are sleeping.
8. Maintain familiar routines once in the new house.
9. Pack a special bag of favorite toys and activities to have on hand during the move.
10. Label boxes very clearly-especially kids items and toys: This will save you digging through box after box looking for specific toys!
11. Keep extra clothes handy: During the move itself and for the first bit after moving in, it's safe to have back up clothes at the ready.
12. Have a cooler/snack bag on hand.
13. Take your time and unpack slowly and methodically.
14. Keep the moving boxes! They are a great source of entertainment!.