Bear Sightings!

It’s that time of year again.  The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the bears are coming out of hibernation.  
There have been four local bear sightings so far this year, according to the North Shore Black Bear Society.
Christine Miller, education co-ordinator for the bear society, notes that although wake up times and patterns vary each year, anytime after April 1st in usually fair game for the bears to begin emerging.  Miller encourages residents to keep garbage  secured in containers in their garage until the day of pickup as a way to avoid bear encounters this season.  For those without garages, she recommends  freezing scraps and not putting them out until the day of collection.  
Bird feeders can also be a magnet for hungry bears and warns residents to rethink keeping in their yards this time of year.
When it comes to actual encounters with a black bear, Miller cautions us to stay calm and speak calmly while slowly backing away. She said that although most bears in the area are accustomed to people, there are always newcomers that are naturally wary of humans.

Anyone who spots or encounters a bear in their area should report it to 604-990-BEAR (2327).