1300 block of Ambleside gets development approval

West Vancouver council voted this evening in favour of Grosvenor's development for the 1300-block of Marine Drive.Two new buildings — one six storeys and the other seven — will be built on the Ambleside-area block, which currently houses the West Vancouver police department, an empty lot and a handful of small stores and restaurants.The mixed-use development will have 98 residential units with commercial and office space below.Plans show a public atrium and underground parking lot will join the two buildings."We have evaluated that project from side to side - believe me - to make sure it was the right deal for West Vancouver," said Mayor Michael Smith, who has made it his mission to revitalize Ambleside so more people are drawn to the waterfront.According to district guidelines approved at the council meeting, certain retailers are not allowed in the development, including banks, travel agencies, arcades, bowling alleys, theatres, casinos and nightclubs.The exact size of units isn't specified in the plans, but at least half of the residential suites must be under 1,500 square feet and only 30 per cent can be over 2,500 square feet. Councillors Bill Soprovich, Trish Panz and Michael Lewis, as well as the mayor, voted in favour. Councillors Craig Cameron and Nora Gambioli were opposed. Coun. Mary-Ann Booth recused herself from talk about the development because her husband is a lawyer for Grosvenor.